Clinton Dreisbach

Cool dad, programmer, game designer.


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Hi - I'm Clinton, and I'm a software developer in Durham, NC. I'm interested in data science and teaching others to program. I've worked with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The Iron Yard, and RTI International, among others. My big passions are my kids, Python and Lisp, and making the world of programming a more welcoming and diverse place.

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My programming story, part 5 2016-08-14

After I graduated from high school, I went to college like many of my classmates. I decided to go to the University of Alabama in Huntsville because I could afford it and it was as far from home as I could get in the state of Alabama. It probably ...

Building Dashboards with Django and D3 2016-07-18

I gave this talk at DjangoCon 2016. The slides I used are embedded below. Check out the open-source code behind this and the live preview. My workplace recently collaborated with several police departments to build a dashboard showing 911 (also known ...

PyCon 2016 2016-06-02

I just arrived home from PyCon 2016. It was a fantastic experience, on par with the year before. I didn't go alone this time: I brought four of my great co-workers and also ran into a lot of old and new friends. It was so hard to decide which talks to ...

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