Clinton Dreisbach

Cool dad, programmer, game designer.


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Hi - I'm Clinton, and I'm a software developer in Durham, NC. I'm interested in data science and teaching others to program. I've worked with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, The Iron Yard, and RTI International, among others. My big passions are my kids, Python and Lisp, and making the world of programming a more welcoming and diverse place.

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Year in Review 2015 2015-12-30

Every year seems bigger than the one before, but 2015 felt stuffed -- in a good way. Family My two sons turned 4 and 1 this November. I'd already forgotten what it was like to have an infant and then a baby. It is amazing and tiring and weird. Two ...

Converting to Lektor 2015-12-27

My blog has been hosted on Silvrback for the last year or so, and I've really enjoyed it. As a service, they do a great job and I'd recommend them to anyone. I've been cutting back expenses, though, and trying to host more of my stuff myself. A few ...

Building scikit-learn transformers 2015-06-07

scikit-learn is a great library for doing machine learning in Python, and one of my favorite things about it is its interface. All objects in scikit-learn, whether data transformers or predictors, have a similar interface, making it easy to use your ...

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