Clinton Dreisbach

Dad, programmer, game designer.

Software Projects

CFS Analytics

Car at night

CFS Analytics allows law enforcement agencies or citizen groups with public 911 call data (also known as Call for Service, or CFS, data) to drill down into that data and see statistics about call volume and response time visualized with charts and maps. It's built using Django, PostgreSQL, D3, and Ractive.js.


RTI-STAR (Statistical Traffic Analysis Report) is a web application that can take traffic stop records and analyze them for possible racial bias. Unlike methods that only take into account population data, which can show disparity but not bias, STAR uses the "Veil of Darkness" method to examine traffic stop data during daylight and nighttime hours and find out if the ability to see the driver of a car and determine their race influences traffic stops.

RTI-STAR is written in Python and uses Flask, Pandas, and Statsmodels.


ClojureBridge logo

ClojureBridge offers free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for women. I wrote the original curriculum -- it's much changed now, for the better -- and co-taught the first workshop. It was an incredible experience and gave me the teaching bug.


Qu logo in the style of the CFPB logo

Qu is a Clojure application to create a REST API around datasets, allowing you to serve up arbitrary amounts of raw data or to summarize that data in a SQL-like fashion. I created it while I was at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to power their Home Mortgage Disclosure Act tool.